8 Balls Slots

8 Balls Slots General Overview

8 Balls Slots is an online casino slot game, created and distributed by software developer powerhouse Playtech. The theme of 8 Ball Slots is a throwback to the earlier years of the casino slot machine, featuring only 3 reels as opposed to the more modern 5 reels found on most of today’s online slots. The aesthetics of the game are focused around a pool table, with billiard balls making up the symbols of the game, all set against a pool table background.

8 Ball Slot is enjoyable in its simplicity, and it will give players a nice break from the complicated online slot games that litter most online libraries. This is the perfect slot for the newcomers, giving them the chance to learn how the game works before moving on to more sophisticated slot machines.

Playing 8 Balls Slots

This is one of the simplest slots around, and learning to play will not take more than a few minutes. There are only four buttons on the display, which is all the player needs to get started. The first is the betting amount, which can be found on the left hand side. Players can use the minus and plus buttons to decrease and increase their bet respectively. The higher the bet wagered, the higher the returns should the player land a winning combination. Next are two automatic betting options, found on either side of the spin button. The one bet will start the spin at the minimum possible bet, while the max bet button sets the bet to its maximum and begins spinning the reels.

Once betting options have been set the player’s preference, the spin button can be used to begin the round. The reels will spin for a short time before coming to a stop at random. The combinations that land after the spin has completed determines whether the player has made any winnings, or made a loss with this Australian online slots game. The higher the value of the balls, the higher the winnings paid out. The ball with the highest value in 8 Ball Slots is the black ball, which is the ball players will want to try and land the most.

8 Balls Slot Bonus Features

The game does not contain any of the bonus features that can be found in most modern online slot games, such as wild and scatter cards. There are no mini games that can be activated. Players should not be deterred by the lack of modern features, however, as the aim of the game is to as simple and enjoyable as the game’s ancestors. 8 Balls Slots does come with its own jackpot, however, which is up to 3000x the winnings of a round. This means a player can win a potential 20000 Pounds if three 8 Balls are landed in a row at maximum stake.

8 Balls Slots Verdict

8 Balls Slots is intended as both a break from other, complicated slot games, as well as an entry-level slot for those new to the genre. It is recommended for all players, both new and seasoned.

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