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With their brightly coloured reels, stunning animations and big jackpots, it’s easy to why slots remain a firm favourite of Canadians and players across the globe. These exceptional online casino games are available in numerous styles and cover just about every genre and theme imaginable. Players online can immerse themselves in a vast number of games at their leisure and can choose to play as simple or complex options as they desire. Old school classic games based on the original style of slots are available, as are slick, sophisticated slots that boast cinematic clips, incredible storylines, brilliant bonus rounds and impressive added features.

New slots games are released all the time and regardless of whether its nursery rhyme inspired nostalgia or Hollywood blockbuster action that you are after, it’s sure to be immortalised across the reels of a game online.

Choosing a Slot to Suit You

If you are new to the wonderful world of online slots or want to try your luck in a different variant to your usual favourites, free slots are a great way to test drive the action on offer. As there are essentially a number of different slots styles available, you may want to try them out and see which ones best suit your style of play and budget. Classic reel slots, traditional pub-style fruit machines, video slots, MegaSpin slots and progressive jackpot slots are all ready and waiting to be played online and each game offers something special.

If you are looking for fast returns and classic game action, the low volatility reel slots and fruit machines are ideal, as are the video slots that feature a range of coin sizes that are designed to suit every bankroll. For those looking for a big win the high volatility slots are ideal, as although these games generally payout less regularly than the lower volatility options, the jackpots are immense.  By understanding what each style of slot has to offer you can enjoy reel spinning fun that really suits you and get the most out of your time gaming online.

Boost your Chances of Winning with Online Slots

Online slots can be incredibly lucrative and Canadian players can win big with a single successful spin if playing for real money. Whilst these games are so incredibly simple, their payouts are no joke and by checking the paytable you’ll quickly see what sort of rewards you are in for, should you line up a winning combination.

One of the easiest ways to increase your winning potential is to always opt for the max bet amount or playing the largest number of coins. In many of the progressive jackpot slots you’ll only be eligible for a big win if you play the max bet, and this means that you have wagered the highest number of coins and activated all paylines. The bigger your bet the greater your chances are of a big win, and as there’s very little strategy that can be applied to slots, this is always your smartest move. If your budget doesn’t stretch to this it’s suggested you play a lower volatility game and try for smaller wins on a more regular basis. With so many online slots featuring additional bonus rounds, Scatters and Wilds and other symbols and multipliers that increase your winning potential, striking it lucky can happen at any time.

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