Roulette Games

Understanding Roulette Games

Roulette is by far one of the most popular gambling games. It is recognised around the world, in almost every country, and is played by persons from all walks of life. Since the rules are easy to grasp, and most can understand the game simply by looking at the wheel, literally anyone can step up and start playing immediately.

Roulette also has a very fast pace and quick turnaround time, meaning that participating in the game is an exciting, pulse pounding affair, often resulting in loud, animated reactions from players. This alone makes the game a favourite, and in almost every casino the roulette wheel can be spotted by finding the group of the most excited participants. The odds of winning at roulette plus the low house edge, assuming the European version is played and not the American version, also make the game one of the more generous forms of gambling. All in all, casinos wouldn’t be casinos without roulette games.

Roulette Games Online

Best of all, since the mechanics of the game are translatable to a digital world, roulette games can also be played online without any change to the base rules. The wheel can be recreated with a random number generator, then simply painted up and designed to appear as a roulette wheel. The results are virtually indistinguishable.

Plus, with modern technology what it is and digital graphics reaching photorealistic levels, a person may play on their home computer and feel they have been transported to a casino. There are no limitations to online play, meaning that a person will never have to wait for an empty seat, not have to worry about closing time, and literally never have to be concerned about transportation to and from the casino. It can be said that the online world is a roulette player’s dream come true. Or is it?

Cons Of Online Roulette

The technology involved in online casinos is indeed amazing, but many have negative things to say about digital roulette games, and online gambling in general. For one, many insist that there is no recreating a roulette wheel in the digital world.

A physical object such as a roulette wheel has many thousands of tiny factors that may affect the outcome, including imperceptible flaws on the wheel itself. A random number generator, of course, does not emulate these factors. Hence, online gambling is not an accurate recreation of roulette. Also, there is simply no social aspect to online gambling, even if playing with others.

Tiny computer world avatars are a long way from living breathing people, and there is no doubt that this robs roulette of one of its biggest strengths; the social aspect. Why then, would anyone choose to sit at home, huddled behind a computer, when they could be in a real casino, surrounded by excitement and atmosphere? It seems to simply be a case of convenience versus authenticity, and if a person prefers one over the other at any given time, it is really up to the individual. One thing is certain, however, and that is the fact that neither real world casinos, or digital, are going anywhere anytime soon.

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