Play Online Roulette and Win Big

The mesmerizing wheel of lucky black and white numbers scattered around the edge. If you close your eyes whilst thinking of Roulette you can almost feel the hustle and bustle in the air as the players wait in anticipation for the ball to land as they predicted. This is basically what you’d expect to experience at any land based casino. Well the same experience can be had in the comfort of your own home by playing via live video streaming. Or if you’re a bit on the shy side and want to remain anonymous you can play the game privately with just yourself and your online device of choice. Either way this game is meant to be played, the added bonuses and promotions that are on offer as well make it hard to turn down.

Know Your Playing Ground

If you’re new to the game don’t let it intimidate you. This game is as easy as most other online casino games are; the only difference is the hype that celebrities and Hollywood movies have put on it since featuring in various commercials and screenplays. Yes it is considered to be a high roller game, but that in no way means that new and beginner players can’t easily catch on.

You will be faced with a large wheel in front of you. This wheel will have 37 compartments running around the edge of it. Each compartment will be labelled with a number running from 1 – 36 and colour coded either black or red. The remaining compartment will be labelled 0 and will be colour coded green.

Most of the best Canadian online casinos offer you free credits to play with so you can use these from the start which is a bonus for new players to test the game out before playing with real money. Once that’s done, deposit money into your online casino account and play with that going forward.

To place a bet you will need to choose either a colour or number or both that you predict the ball will land on. The ball will be released into the spinning wheel and land on a compartment. If your prediction comes true you can win hundreds of Dollars within seconds. Your winnings will decrease slightly if the ball only lands on your predicted number or colour. If your ball lands on the green 0 you will automatically lose.

Roulette Odds to Take Note of

Knowing your odds when playing any online casino if very important. This will help you make a decision as to which game to play and will also help you decide on your betting amount.

If you’ve placed a bet and the lucky ball lands on your predicted number the payout is approximately around 35:1. If the ball lands on your colour instead the payout will be 1:1.

There is no solid way of calculating exactly where the ball will land, this game is a game that relies a lot on luck, but it’s definitely worth the spin when it comes to the high payout ratios.

Online Roulette is popular for one main reason and that’s the prestige of the game and the attractive payouts. Give it a go; you’ve got nothing to lose.

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